Dease River Benches

The idea for the Dease River bench came from a design I first viewed in northern British Columbia, Canada, in a gold mining area near the Dease River. The design is elegant in its simplicity and versatile in its use. It is sturdy enough to sit upon and yet works well as an end table, coffee table, or plant stand. The wood I use to build these benches is called "blue pine" which I get from Colorado. This beautiful wood has blue-gray streaking along with the light, natural color of the pine wood. The combination of colors gives each piece its unique coloring. Each bench is finished with three coats of clear polyurethane. The dimensions may vary slightly.

Pricing       Height    Length Width          
Large bench $80
Medium bench $70 18" 20" 11"
Small bench $50 13" 15" 11"

Pictured left to right: the medium, large and small Dease River benches.

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