Birch Bark Baskets

Bill handcrafts these baskets from birch bark he collects from downed birch trees on our property at home and at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. The baskets come in two sizes, large or small. They will look great in your home or cabin filled with pinecones, dried flowers, battery-opperated candles, pine bows, potpourri, special cards and postcards, or other treasures. They make great gifts, as well. The large baskets are the perfect size for a bottle of wine to bring to your host. The baskets can be purchased by themseves, or get a gift set, ready to add your bottle of wine or other gift.

This shows an example of the large basket gift set. (Wine is not included.) The set includes the basket, a liner, one of Karen's gift cards (see Karen's Paintings to view picture on card) with envelope, and a ribbon.






Choose a set from these themes:


       Fall/Winter: Green liner and ribbon, Autumn Ornaments card

       Pine tree: Green liner and ribbon, Brieta's Tree card

       Spring Flowers: Green liner and ribbon, Finally Spring card

       Rocks on the beach: Tan liner and ribbon, Lake Superior Treasures card

       All That Jazz: Green liner and ribbon, The A Train card

       Poinsttia: Red liner and ribbon, Poinsettias card







16 inch birchbark basket only, $10






16 inch birchbark basket wine gift set which includes liner and ribbon, $12







6 inch birchbark basket alone, $6





6 inch birchbark basket gift set which includes potpourri, $10

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