About Chippewa River Art

     Nature is a huge part of our lives and influences our work. We love to observe and learn about our natural environment and bring the beauty and peace of the outdoor setting into our home (and maybe your home) through our work. Many of Karen's paintings are interpretations of gardens, flowers or landscapes. Bill collects his birch bark from trees that are down on our property or that of friends and relatives.


     Each day we try to do our part to help the environment, knowing we should always be looking for more things to do. We compost our food scraps, hang our laundry out on the closeline as much as possible, keep replacing our lightbulbs with energy efficient ones, recycle and reuse as much as we can, and consider our purchases- do we really need that? How is it packaged? How far did it travel to get here? Is there a better choice? These are small things, but when millions of us do small things, it really adds up to make the world a better place for the next generations. We'll try to add links to websites we like to visit that help us learn more about preserving the nature we love.

     Thank you for taking a look at our website.

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